Tips on Photography!

Tips on Photography
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You can capture just about anything these days. Most people can use the cameras on their phones, but others have professional equipment to get their captured moments on film. Photographs are so precious because it’s like stopping time and you will always have the moment forever to treasure. What people do not know is that with your old photographs, new ones, or once you find in a magazine like The New York Times or anything online, you can tell a story with what those photos mean to you.
Their is an exercise you can do to help tell your story through photos. Grab a sheet a paper first and do some brainstorming about your story. There are three elements of a story. You have characters or subjects, a place, and objects. When you have all three elements and put them together, you have a story. When looking for photos think about the elements and try to have all three of them. For example, if you have a portrait of someone with a plain background, it’s hard to tell the story, because you don’t know the place of where the photo was taken.
Now once you have your elements think of what kinds of characters you want in your story. You can use your sheet of paper you grabbed to write down your characters. If you don’t know what pick you can use your imagination, it can mythical or real character. Once you have your character think of a place you want your story being told. It can, anywhere you can think of. You can also think of a time frame you want your story to be. It years ago, or years in the future or present day. Once you think of the place and characters, you now want to create your objects to use in your story. You can use anything that will make your story become more alive!
After you have written your three elements on three separate sheets of paper, then you can mark off, which characters will go with what place and object. You can put them together by just what might sound right or you can make in a fun way where an old couple is near a volcano. Once you have all of your story, then you can find the pictures to go with them, or use what you have in your collection or even take them out of magazines.
That is one way to make stories. Another way to make a story with what pictures you already have. When you have a group of pictures from the same event and day, you can pick a “cover photo” which will sum up the story in the one photo.

Once you get the cover photo you can take an “establishing shot” which is usually in the first scenes of a movie. Its where the place you took those photos.
An “action shot” can also be part of your story. It can be someone doing something that goes along with your story such as a snow day having a child sticking its tongue out for snow

kids playing in snow
Another tip to tell a great story is to take photos 24 seconds apart to capture what is actually happening at that time.
Colleges are also a great way of telling a story through photography. There are even special classes out specializing on how making a great story telling collage. You can find photos just about anywhere and when you see something that means something important to you, cut it out and put it on a separate sheet of paper.You can make a collage out of a beautiful thing in the world, anything that comes to mind and puts a smile on your face.  Check out this website that uses models from Instagram to help showcase beauty and talent when it comes to photography!
Now that there are two ways to make stories through photographs you can spend your time planning what photos to use and photos to find to make your great story!